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RJR Herbal Hospitals, Tirunelveli

RJR Herbal Hospitals is located on the Madurai road, near the old bus stand

RJR Herbal Hospitals offers healthcare solutions through a unique blend of traditional Indian medical system. RJR provides healthcare through Siddha, Ayurveda and Unani by qualified doctors at its state wide network of hospitals. We strongly believe in a transparent approach and provide innovative and transformative healing at an affordable cost.

We urge patients to understand that the system of medical practice is not a magic wand that cures instantly, but requires high level of patient participation and discipline in food practice.

That is the beauty of our Indian traditional practice where there is a holistic well being. India is known for its traditional medical practices, with the passage of time and westernization, the practice lost its importance. Innumerous lifestyle disorders coupled with the Western Worl aping some of our practices like yoga , we have started realising the importance of getting back to roots and the ancient medical practices are regaining its attention.

our doctors

Dr. J. L. Shimi Mary


RJR Herbal Hospitals

NO.9, E-2, Thilak Nagar,

Madurai Road, Near Old Bus Stand,

Tirunelveli Town, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu 627001

Phone: 0462-232-4006

Mobile:82208 23882