UDVARTHANAM (Powder Massage Following Steam Bath)


It is a special therapeutic massage below the neck with oil and herbal powder in a direction opposite to the direction of hair on the body. The massage stimulates the blood flow, activates and improves the metabolism. It reduces excess weight. To want to eliminate the fat and cellulite from the body.

Udvarthanam – The powder is rubbed forcibly is done and combining with that herbal steam bath is advisable. After doing the steam bath for 15 Minutes, the unwanted toxins are removed from the body. The patient is then allowed to take a stream of hot water bath.


  • Reduce the excess fat
  • Reduce the kapam
  • Giving a lustrous glow of skin
  • Eliminates body bad odor
  • Improves the sense of touch
  • Reduces the blood cholesterol
  • Improves the mobility of joints
  • Removes the cellulites & toxins and helps in weight reduction
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